On April 26, a University-wide Job Market was held at KFU, organized by the Center’s employees. The event was attended by more than 60 Russian and foreign companies and more than 1300 students and graduates. The National Scientific Center of Pharmacovigilance Company was one of the participants of the University-wide Job Market.

HR Manager Natalia Viktorovna Gonchar and intern of the Pharmacovigilance Training Department, graduate student of KFU Diana Valiullina worked at the stand of ANO NSC Pharmacovigilance .

HR manager Natalia Viktorovna Gonchar says: «In our company, the doors are open to graduate students with specialized education, namely: medical, pharmaceutical, as well as chemical and biological, who are interested in gaining experience in pharmacovigilance, and developing further in this direction. Graduates are more interested in full-time work; students are more interested in part-time work, because this allows them not only to gain experience in pharmacovigilance, earn money while combining work and study, as well as participation in internships.»

The graduate students were told about internships at the ANO NTC Pharmacovigilance. The internship has a duration of 15 working days – this is 3 weeks, according to the results of which employment or a letter of recommendation is possible. Recruitment for internships takes place several times a year, information is announced on the company’s website www.drugsafety.ru in the Career section, there you can also find a description of current full-time vacancies. The selection takes place on a competitive basis, on general grounds.

I would like to thank the organizers of the University-wide Job Market for the very idea of its creation and brilliant implementation. We will be glad to take part in such events again.