More than 4 billion doses of coronavirus vaccines have been used cumulatively worldwide since immunization programs began, MedicalXpress reports.

The rate of vaccination has slowed a bit recently: the last, fourth billion doses were used in 30 days, whereas previously it took 26 days to administer the same number of doses. It took the longest to use the first billion doses — 140 days.

China used the most doses of anti-covid vaccines — 1.6 billion. In second and third place are India and the U.S., with 451 million and 343 million introduced there, respectively.

The UAE has achieved the highest vaccination coverage, with 70% of the population already receiving both doses of the vaccine. In Uruguay and Bahrain, the indicator was 60%. China, the U.S., and the European Union are now approaching 50% vaccination coverage.

Most poor countries have also started an immunization program against coronavirus infection. This was made possible due to the Covax initiative.