National Pharmacovigilance Research Center (NPRC) expresses its respect to you and is in a hurry to inform you that according to the results of the inspection conducted on June 22-24, 2021 by the inspectors of the Republican State Enterprise on the right of economic management «National Center for the Examination of Medicines and Medical Devices» (Medical and Pharmaceutical Control Committee of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of KazakhstanAccording to the planned state inspection of the organization of the pharmacovigilance system of the ANO STC, our work was recognized as meeting all the requirements of current legislation, including the national legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Rules of Good Practice of Pharmacovigilance.

It should be noted that the ANO NSCF is the first and so far the only organization that performs the full range of services in the field of monitoring and safety of medicines and is not a holder of a registration certificate, which has passed the inspection of the state body of the EAEU country. Along with the pharmacovigilance system of the Center, the inspectors also checked the management of critical processes of our partner companies. Thus, the high assessment obtained by the results of the audit equally applies to those holders of registration certificates who have entrusted us with ensuring effective monitoring of the safety of their products and providing this data to regulatory authorities.

We thank you for your trust and are confident that our further cooperation will be even more fruitful!