Examination of readiness for inspection


Inspection is a method of regulatory control by an authorized organization (usually regulatory) of the pharmacovigilance system of the inspected organization - the holder of registration certificates, the developer of medicines or another organization involved in the fulfillment of all or individual obligations under pharmacovigilance. Our company provides such a service as examination of [...]

Examination of readiness for inspection2021-12-12T19:46:47+03:00

Outstaffing an qualified person for pharmacovigilance


Our company offers such services as outstaffing of qualified persons for pharmacovigilance (QPPV/LCCPV) The main purpose of outstaffing service is to solve the issues associated with the optimization of staffing and with the operation of the company's budget, as well as reducing the risks associated with the resolution of labor disputes. All companies need [...]

Outstaffing an qualified person for pharmacovigilance2021-12-27T02:31:23+03:00

Medicinal product authorization


In order for a drug to enter the Russian market, it is required to go through several stages, the very first of which is an affirmative registration, or revision examination. The process involves checking your product by the state for safety, efficacy in relation to the indicated pharmacological properties. The end result is the issuance [...]

Medicinal product authorization2021-10-25T15:30:10+03:00
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