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Pharmacovigilance system

— a systemorganized by holders of registration certificates and national regulatory authorities to perform tasks and responsibilities for pharmacovigilance, designed to monitor the safety of medicines, timely identify all changes in the assessment of the benefit-risk ratio of medicines, develop and implement measures to ensure the use of medicines when the benefit exceeds the risk.

Our company provides its clients with the opportunity to build a pharmacovigilance system from scratch, as well as the willingness to conduct it at any stage. The service includes both the development of a master file, and the creation of a SOP system, writing PSUR, DSUR, etc.

All the nuances and suggestions are discussed. To clarify the details or order a service, you can use the form.

The advantage of choosing this service

One of the most popular solutions. More than 50% savings compared to self-organization. Savings on wages, tax deductions, payments, etc.