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Results of our research of drug safety

Typology of problems in the Russian pharmacovigilance system

The Russian pharmacovigilance system faces a spectrum of problems on its way to the formation, including fragmented formulation of conclusions and identification of polymorphic "targets" for subsequent adoption of appropriate management decisions in the field of pharmacovigilance. Typologization of existing problems in the field of pharmacovigilance is a method of reducing the variety of objects under study into several systematized groups for subsequent consolidated analysis of directions to optimize the mechanisms of this system and the possibilities of improving its effectiveness.

Safety issues with erythromycin

Macrolides are one of the groups of antibacterial drugs that are widely used to treat nosocomial infections. This review focuses on the safety of erythromycin. The main attention is paid to the study of prokinetic properties of erythromycin, its cardiotoxicity, and fetotoxicity.