Bootmgr Is Missing
How To Fix - Media Creation Tool Not Recognizing USB

We know that Windows OS won’t let us to open a DMG file directly, so what if we need to open a DMG file on Windows 10? See solutions here.

Aug.2 , 2019 | By Vicky Tiffany

Bootmgr Is Missing
How to Transfer Windows 10 License to New PC?

If you want to sell your old computer, then you actually can be able retrieve the license key in your old computer and move to your new PC.

Oct. 25 , 2019 | By Vicky Tiffany

How to Burn Linux to USB
How to Burn Linux to USB on Windows / Mac

Whether you wan to make a Linux bootable disk or a windows bootable disk, you must to burn ISO to USB instead of simply copying it.

Nov. 29 , 2019 | By Vicky Tiffany

How to Burn Linux to USB
I Forgot Instagram password, How to Recover?

What if you forgot instagram password? It’s probably not possible unless you’ve previously synced your account with your phone number or email. Here we will provides you with 4 ways to reset Instagram with or without email, phone number or facebook."

Dec.19 , 2019 | By Vicky Tiffany

Forgot Discord password
I Forgot Discord password, How to Recover?

Did you forget password on Discord? Don’t worry, here this page will give a official method to reset Discord password. The process to reset Discord forgot password is all the same for PC, Androids, and iOS devices .

Mar. 02, 2020 | By Vicky Tiffany

Bypass Windows 10 Password
How to Bypass Windows 10 Password

Entering password to login Windows may be a superfluous step, so you want to bypass it. Or you want to bypass Windows 10 password as you forgot login password. No matter what the cause. This article provides you 5 ways to bypass password Windows 10 with or without knowing password.

Mar. 6, 2020 | By Vicky Tiffany

Bypass Windows 10 Password
How to Burn DMG to USB on Windows 10 and Mac

Reinstalling Mac OS is a time-consuming process and requires a lot of patience, to reinstalling Mac OS , you must first burn DMG to USB on a Windows or Mac computer. Here we will introduce 4 ways to burn Macos DMG to USB flash drive.

.Jul 31 , 2020 | By Vicky Tiffany

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